Jump to a section (anchor) on another page

Hi guys! Hopefully someone can tell me how to jump from a page (index) to an anchor on another page (solutions). Anchor works great on the same page but not when i'm trying to reach them from another page.

enter code here<a href="solutions.html#anchorfa">Fraud Analysis</a>  (this is the link from the menu - on index.html)

And in solutions page i have

THIS TAG  <a></a>

you need to add an id attribute to your <a> tag and the attribute would be named "anchorfa"

To anchor link you need to add an ID to section of your page you want to anchor to ( eg anchortest)

Then in a link component you simple include the url of the page you are linking too and include the anchor tag as follows yourpage.html#anchortest

However if you are anchoring to a place on a 1 page website or on same page user lands on then just include the #anchortest as he url for links

Hope the above makes sense ?