Jump to relevant CSS class when clicking in Overview

Apologies if this has already been requested or if there is a sensible reason why it doesn’t currently do it, but I would find it really helpful.

So when you click on an element in the Overview list, the html window jumps to the relevant markup and attributes and it would be great if it also jumped the CSS window to the first listed Class name… or at least to be able to toggle this option on.

Or maybe, in the Attributes window, if you double click or right click on an ID or a class then it would take you to the relevant section of the CSS?

Have you tried to click on the styles tab

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What if the component has multiple CSS classes applied to it (most do)? How would the program know which class you want to “jump” to? Many times, the first class listed going to be a default Bootstrap class like “col” or “row” so not sure how helpful that would be.

To do what you’re suggesting, the program would need to make every Bootstrap class, along with every custom classes you create, into a selectable button that could be clicked on (presumably in the Attributes panel.)

It’s not a bad idea, but would it really be a time saver? The Attributes window already shows you the classes applied to a component, so normally I just type the class name into the CSS search bar and it takes me right to it.

The program already gives you the link between all the CSS classes that anything you click on in both the Overview and Preview pane has applied to it. Seriously, is it all that hard to just scroll down the Styles window to see them all? There are not usually all that many applied to anything so it’s not like it’s a chore to scroll them. I don’t think this is something that would be all that useful, and as @Printninja already stated, you can type it in the search bar as well. Either way it’s pretty quick to find them in the Styles window without the program having to try to anticipate which one(s) you want to see.

I didn’t realise you could edit from the styles tab… doh!

Thanks. I think it would be a time-saver but I will just become more efficient at using what’s there. Thanks again

Thanks Jo. I’ll just crawl back under my rock and never come out to bother you again. Take care.

No worries @mbestuk there is a lot missing yet for tutorials and instructional materials for this app, so it’s understandable at times that people don’t realize you can do this or that. I would highly suggest, even though most of the videos are quite old, that you go through the tutorials and get more familiar with the app as it does cover a lot of those types of things for the basics of how the app works.

I myself hardly ever use the Options/Appearance tabs other than to add URL’s or media queries for the most part. I work with the HTML/Styles and Attributes panes mostly.

No need to crawl under a rock lol. You can get to pretty much most if not all of the tutorials from within BSS on the first screen that loads showing your project blocks. Above that are tabs even though they don’t look like it lol. One of them is for Tutorials and opens the corresponding web page for them for you so you don’t have to search for it all.

Good luck!

P.S. You’re fairly new to the app and usually when someone is making suggestions within the first week of using the app, it’s because they have not done the tutorials or asked how to do something if they couldn’t find it in the Tutorials. That’s why some of us can get a bit salty when answering posts for suggestions for things that are in the app already. No offense meant to you personally.

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