Just curious, why the lack of training videos?

I typically use another application that is very similar to Bootstrap Designer. Due to some recent developments, I'm probably going to need to spend more time with this app rather than the one I'm familiar with. So far, there's not too much of a difference, however, I really wish there were more training videos rather than just some text with pictures. I understand there is a youtube channel, but even that is not as robust as it could be. Is there any plan to create better training for the product?

I second this one. More training would be definitely better. Especially if someone is programming noob like me.

What type of videos are you wanting to see?

I am curious

I hate to drop competitor's names...but I'm also a webflow user. They knock it out of the park with training. Almost anything you could hope for with updates all the time. It's incredibly valuable.

Well. As absolute beginner in website creation I would appreciate even the vary basics of web and how BSS handles site build. Now I'm on a level above noob (I hope), but still some stuff I don't understand. When I build the site I 'somehow' manage so it looks as close I can get it to what I want. But not 100% sure of what I did exactly.


I would suggest as an "absolute beginner" that you start with some training/tutorials on HTML and CSS so you can use this app more efficiently. Once you have more code training though, you should be able to do most things without too much difficulty and some things will be more obvious to you. Without any training in HTML and CSS you will not be able to fully use this app. It's not a full website builder without having to ever change code etc. There will still be things you will need to be able to understand and manipulate to really make a good website.

Do yourself a favor and learn the trade, especially if you're planning to do this as a side job or hobby. Always keep in mind that, even though you "may" be able to spit out a decent website for your clients with this app, you DO need to know how to troubleshoot issues and this app won't do that for you. You may be able to "fix" an issue with this app, but it definitely will not find the problem for you, you will have to know how to do that yourself.

As for the videos, most are very out of date so aren't super helpful at this point. This app does need a lot of love where training and documentation is concerned. There's a lot of things that even the experienced designers need tutorials and videos for. Been asked for for a very long time, by a lot of people.

Webflow does have a dirth of videos and we used it in the past, before shifting 45 mobile apps over to BS. Why? 1) BS is much easier to use for creating drop down tabs. In WF, for each tab command to open, you must code ALL the others to remain/or close. We have some drop downs that have 75 items. Can you imagine the "close coding" needed for that. Anyway, the other reason is that we can export the final html-based website files. We then convert everything and some some code here and there and VIOLA! we have PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS, hosted on our own servers.