Just purchased the lifetime package


so i just purchased the lifetime package and was wondering, where all the premium templates are, I can just see two, one called "Clean Sky" and the other "Material Portfolio".

I can't see anything that makes this two templates "premium" compared to the standard ones or any free templates around the web?!

Do i have to activate something somewhere else?


Do you have bootstrap 4.1 selected? Also just for sanity sake, you also might want to try updating (Help > Check for update) just in case.

I am running the latest version and yes, 4.1

Check your BSS version to make sure you are on version 4.3.1. The themes were just recently added either the last update or the one before that and there are a dozen of them in there now.

If you just purchased it, you should already have the most recent 4.3.1 version when you downloaded it. If not, close the program and see if it updates when you open it back up. Most times I have to create/open a project to trigger the updater. Updating is automatic, there are no downloads to be done, it updates when the program is started if there is an update available and it will then tell you to restart it to apply the updates.

If you have the 4.3.1 version, then you'll need to contact support directly to find out why you don't have them.

" i just purchased the lifetime package"

Excellent choice, you must love BSS to buy the lifetime subscription and not an annual license! And I'm glad you trust so much the developer to invest in BSS far future releases.

Strange thing is that the issue you report is typical of using an old version. But if you really just purchased it you can't have an old version. And regular purchased version should automatically update anyway. So question is, where did you 'buy' it? Was it a "preactivated version" or you had to run the original installer and then activate it?

Lately, many people appear on this forum asking for help on "newly purchased BSS versions that don't properly work" and then disappear. I hope you are not one of those.

BTW I think martin should add more and better anti-piracy measures so suggestions, feedback, future development and the roadmap will be based on real users that pay for his software (my guess: real developers) and not on pirates' wishes that just need a point and click tool with little functionality and zero learning curve.

I'm coming from Mobirise and only searched for an alternative, cause Mobirise is way too expensive.

Besides the cost factor, it is way more intuitive and with the tons of free blocks, even in the free version, you can do way more in way less time than with BSS. Started a new website yesterday with BSS and I found it a bit ridiculous, that you can't even change left/right text alignment when placing a headline or replace the company name with a logo, that automatically adjusts the size. The way you can view/include prebuild blocks should definitely be reconsidered + there could be more, e.g. standard stuff you need in any website.

Besides that, I like it a lot. Otherwise, I wouldn't have purchased it. ;-)

One thing, if you managed to bring the entire BSS to the browser, why isn't this available unlocked for paid members? I would pay more for a web-based version that allows me to access my website projects anywhere + this would separate BSS from the entire Bootstrap market cause nobody offers this. Think about it ;-)

Regarding my purchase:

Bought it directly here: https://bootstrapstudio.io/#purchase

Afterward received an email from hi@bootstrapstudio.io with the license key and a download link. Downloaded it directly off of this link and installed it with given license key, so not a preactivated version.

Since you activated successfully I see no reason why you don't see all templates. Are you using version 4.3.1 ?

enter image description here

Are all these templates considered "premium" or onyl those wo actually have the yellow "premium" flag, which are only the "clean sky" one and the "material portfolio"?

No idea. Templates are locked down and don't allow much modification, the Blank one is premium enough for me. I don't even use user-created components, but I know there are thousands of them, all 'free' and accessible to BSS registered users. If you know how to build a website using bootstrap this software will help you a lot, especially for the initial mockup and the front end programming.

Just out of curiosity, why did you spend more than twice the price of an annual license to buy a software that you don't even know if it will suit your need?

It suits my overall needs better then Mobirise and if i buy something, i stick to it and learn how to handle it. Therefore, upgrading later costs me more so I just directly buy the lifetime. Also, I'm not a student or something and don't care about whether it is 25€ or 50€. It is a very good price for what it offers and i'll support the devs. I am a developer myself, (not website stuff, this is more a hobby) so I support my fellows ;-)

Dasoul for what it's worth I switched from Mobirise to Bootstrap Studio a couple months ago and I have been more than pleased with the results. Everything I was doing with M I can do in BSS plus a lot more.

To me it boils down to this between the 2 programs. With M you don't need to know much about coding or Bootstrap whereas with BSS you do if you want to get the most out of the program.

Regarding your comments that you haven't found a way to change the text alignment of a heading, select a heading then you'll find the options to change its alignment in the options panel.

Same thing with resizing images including logos, just turn on the responsive option for each image.

I hope you'll like Bootstrap Studio, I love it, and I also purchased the lifetime version before I ever saw the program.

Good Luck and welcome aboard.