KDE Open and Save Dialog

When using BSS on KDE Neon, if trying to open or save a file, the open save dialog actually opens behind the BSS window so if you don’t know to look for it there you actually think the program just froze. The only way to unfreeze it then is to kill the process, unless of course you notice that there is a new icon in the task manager on the taskbar at the bottom with an X icon and you click it bringing up that open/save dialog.

When i try to duplicate it on an LXQT desktop, it opens properly in front of the window. The problem may be specific to KDE.

Also, it isn’t using the KDE open/save dialog it’s using something else which doesn’t have access to everything like google drive and stuff like that. I tried Mac and Windows and also another linux install I have which has LXQT on it. The LXQT BSS install also used the open/save dialog that was used on the KDE install. Both mac and windows installs of BSS used the system wide open/save dialog which make the experience a whole lot better. For instance I like to keep my files in a google drive so I can get to them no matter what computer I am working on but the open/save dialog used in both the linux installs doesn’t have this option.

KDE and GNOME and the other linux desktop environments have system wide open/save dialogs the way that Mac OS and Windows do. If there’s a way the next version of BSS could use them instead it would really improve and polish the user experience.

Thank you for the report! Bootstrap Studio is a standard Electron application. Can you check whether other electron apps like visual studio code work as you would expect?