keep sizing after changing pages (or anything else that would reset it).

I love the feature that allows us to drag the site width to whatever site we want to see it at. This helps a lot for wider sites that aren't really properly viewed at the basic breakpoints. My problem is every time I I change pages it resets the width again in the Preview window to the window size of the breakpoint it's on. I change pages a lot sometimes and it's frustrating to have to keep dragging the page width out again.

I would love the ability to have it keep the width that we have slid the size of the page to at all times, at least during the current session if not always, on a per project basis. Thanks!

Strange, it is supposed to work the way you suggest - the size is kept the same when switching between pages of a design, with each design having a separate width. Can you test it on a different design than the one you're working on?

Ok you hit on something there, it seems to work with the other projects, and .... now it's working with the project I've been working on too...... I promise you it doesn't always work though, I truly needed it working yesterday and it just would not work at all in a specific project (only worked on one so I'm not sure if it wasn't working yesterday for the other projects or not). Could be something that glitches after the app has been running a while maybe? I've still got a handful of glitches that happen after a while so maybe it's part of that? The main ones are this sizing and the drag and drop issue that I reported happens where I have to restart the app to make it allow me to drag and drop again. Could this be part of the same thing? Grasping at straws since I have no clue and now it's working lol.

Not related to this - But a glitch @Martin.

I have also had some glitches - Where I suddenly can't drag icons to the front of the text on tabs - And solution is to restart program.