Keyboard Shorcut and/or Right click menu option for move up/down in Overview

I don't use Sublime so if there is already an option for this let me know please :)

I would love the ability to move items up/down 1 slot in the Overview pane. Drag and drop is fine, but at times it can be pretty hard when you drag and it sometimes opens the sections below causing issues with trying to place things correctly. Would be great if we could right click to open the menu and choose Move up or Move down, and also have a Key combo that we could do this with.

Info for the moving so you know what I mean: 1. This would move a full step to below the next equivalent component a. Not to be confused with inserting within components b. Example: I have a Panel/Card that contains numerous wells within it. I would like to rearrange these wells, but when I drag over one it most times opens the ones I drag over and causes issues with me trying to place it above or below the other wells. I would like to be able to do a right click menu or key combo to move "like types" of components up or down that reside on the same level as each other. Would make rearranging a whole lot easier since I cannot just cut and paste the code in the HTML as I would normally do.

Hopefully this is something doable, it sure would make my life easier until such a time (hopefully) that the HTML is available for us to manipulate.

ALSO ADDED AFTER POST: If this could pertain to multiple selected items as we can do with drag and drop that would be even better! In other words, highlight multiple Wells (in my case) and hit a right click and/or key combo to Move Up or Move Down and it moves the whole highlighted selection above the one that's above it.


Unless I'm mistaken, Pinegrow handles this rather well where when you highlight something in their tree view (or multiple items) a context menu appears and there are two arrows, one facing left, once facing right, and when you hover over them they say, "indent one level" or "outdent one level" and then clicking them does just that.

Would this accomplish what you want, because each "outdent" would move the selected component(s) up one level further, until they all were where you wanted them. Try it in Pinegrow and you'll see what I mean.

Ahh no Printninja, I think you misunderstand. I don't want it indenting, I want it moving the entire well/paragraph/Hx/row/col/etc. up one or down one, rearranging basically the order of items within a specific container (not to be confused with a container class)

I need to see a video to grok you.

Grok me? pretends to know what that means lol

Not sure how I'd do a video of something that's not there. How about a screenshot to mark up what I mean. Basically though, I have a bunch of wells that I use for a client (this is version 3 remember so it wasn't cards then yet. I use these on the sidebar to show little blocks with upcoming events in each of them. I have a bunch that I have hidden for reuse often since they do a lot of repeats. I want to be able to more easily reorder them (which event comes before or after each). I can highlight and drag and drop multiple ones at a time to rearrange them, but many times when I'm moving them it expands the ones above or below that I'm dragging over if I don't do it fast enough.

Overview Screenshot

Lets say with the above image that I want to swap the Bingo down to below the Hidden Blood Drive 3/20. If I drag the Bingo well down down it will almost always expand one or more of the wells below it before I can get to the location I want to drop it so now I have 2 miles to drag that down to.

This was never really much of an issue before because I used libraries to hold all my events and would just drag them into the visual area to place them. But ... with the adding of the Hidden setting in the Overview pane, I'm setting things up differently such as adding all the wells into the page and hiding those I'm not using so I can just swap them out each time with hidden/not hidden. This works great for this now that the hidden items don't show up on the page at all where before using the Options pane it would just comment them out. But ... in order for this to work well for me I have to rearrange them quite often ... hence my request for the menu or key binding for moving components up and down that are on the same level. In this case I would move the Bingo well down 3 places so it lands under the Blood drive one.

Does that explain it better? I don't think a video will solve anything on this.

I totally understand what you're saying now. I have something similar this kind of tree structure in a new calendar component that I just created that uses 37 columns. Though there's no need to move the columns, one might want to move the content within them via the tree (rather than the workspace,) and I can see how that would create this unwanted "spring-opening" of the components.

I can think of two simple solutions to this.

  1. Slow down the timing which determines how long you have to hover over a component with nested items before it springs open (maybe the devs could make a setting where we could choose in seconds how long it takes.
  2. Have the folders close automatically a second after they mouse is no longer hovering over them. As it works now, once a component "springs open", it stays open. I see no reason why they shouldn't just close automatically once there is no pointer hovering over them.

That would work also @Printninja, but in the end I'd still like a key combo and/or (preferably and lol) right click menu option for nudging same level items up or down.

For me this would only be necessary in the Overview pane, not something I need in the preview pane or any others.


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