Keyboard shortcuts to add

  • Quick command popup for Components with support to drag from it (like Xcode's interface builder)
  • Jump to specific pane (via smthg like Cmd + 1,2,3, etc)
  • Shortcut to add a DIV, before, after or as a child
  • Wrap in ... [Div, List Group, Card, Form Group, Form Row, etc...] With keyboard shortcut to "wrap in div"

Do keep in mind that when you're asking for shortcuts, the feature to do the actual process should already be there. If you're asking for shortcuts to features that do not exist, then a shortcut isn't all you're asking for. Just a thought :)

Good point Jo. I'll make a separate request for those....

  • Show/hide areas, ie Left, bottom, right bars. Xcode does this well: Cmd 0 to hide left Cmd 1, 2, 3 for opening to specific panes on Left. Cmd + Alt + N for the right side equivalent. Cmd + Shift + Y for bottom bar (we can prob choose a better key combo here). Also I like Photoshop's Tab to show/hide all of them, allowing a quick clean peak at the design before returning to work on it.

  • FYI, some of your existing commands: e.g. Cmd + Tab are MacOS system commands. Cmd + Tab is equivalent to Alt + Tab in Windows... So it can't be used on MacOS without disabling it in the system

P.S. Loving Bootstrap Studio btw :)

  • Move selected item Up, Down, to Top, to Bottom (i.e. within a hierarchial level - like photoshop layers in a group)

Thank you for the suggestions! These would be nice features to have. But I don't think there are enough free keyboard shortcuts to assign. Maybe we can add some of these as commands in the palette. Would you find this useful?

Definitely. Though I think you have plenty of keyspace compared to packages like xcode, webstorm, photoshop etc....

You've got:

  • Cmd+1,2,3,.....
  • Cmd+Alt+1,2,3....
  • All the function keys
  • Cmd + Alt combinations...
  • You could get emacs fancy and do two-stroke shortcuts

Sorry, don't mean to be pushy! For me software quality is largely defined by the shortcuts :)