Language barrier of Online Components

We seriously have an issue with this now. Many people of different languages posting components with no photos to show you what it is so that entire component is lost on anyone that does not speak that language making it fairly useless to many users.

I don't have any ideas here on what would make it better other than some type of translator, but since nothing is copiable anywhere in the components descriptions, it's not something we as users can do anything to correct other than having to retype the entire text ourselves into a translator .. which means it isn't going to get used, because I'm not going to bother with all that.

An internal translator would be nice, even if it did just basics to give us a better idea of what it might be, or at least give us the ability to copy the text from the popup windows that show the descriptions.

Bout all I can think of, but definitely something needs to be done here or a lot of the online components will be lost on many of us that don't speak the language of those posting them. Right now there's over 3/4 of the list in what looks like Portuguese or some language similar. Probably great little components, but all lost on me. :(

From time to time, I've just downloaded a component and installed it to see what it was. I hate to say it, but usually I'm disappointed. The quality is often sketchy. I generally end up just making my own rather than searching the user library.

Yeah same here, but being able to actually read what it is before I even bother to do that would still be very helpful lol. I probably could have wasted a half hour to an hour just installing, checking and uninstalling all the components that were added in the last release that are not in English so I don't know what they are. That's precious time these days when you're a one man band (well ok one woman band lol).

Please don't misunderstand though, I'm not saying "everything has to be in English", just saying it should be readable to all, or at the very least we should be able to copy the text from the popup windows to add to a translator of our choosing. Right now, can't do either.

Please don’t misunderstand though, I’m not saying “everything has to be in English”

I do say that. And English is not my native language, but we're in an international forum, and since we're all able to use BSS, ordered it (and probably also paid it) from an English website I expect we all try to communicate and contribute in English. Official bootstrap docs are in English and BSS is a tool for building websites. No reason to use different languages.

Btw, the few foreign-language named components I tested are so poorly coded that I don't think all these people contributing to the shared library are pros that really bought their copies.

Sorry for jumping so late to this thread. I think that there isn't much we can do to improve the quality of the online components. This is the drawback of user generated content. In our next release we will make the text selectable, so it can easily be copied and translated if needed.

Martin, those components are mostly useless now. I stopped contributing. There are too many low quality (non English) components, so I simply don't waste my time sorting thru user-generated content.

I'd say you have a larger problem to solve than allowing to translate descriptions.

What about deleting all components and publish only the few that really add value to BSS ? Manually selected.

No need to have a few gems lost in a pile of crap.

I would have to agree with Marrco, there's so many junk items on it, some of them are just basics that anyone can put together in 2 seconds. It really does need quite a bit of cleanup.

I don't want to say they are all "outdated" since I do have a few sites that have used some that are still on Bootstrap 3 (no time to change them up to 4, too much work). I would think that if someone were to clean that list up they'd have quite a job actually since they'd have to decide what is good and what is bad (not that the bad ones don't stick out all on their own as most do lol).

I most certainly don't want to discount them just because they are in a different language either, personally I'd rather know what it says and judge it then rather than assuming it's all bad stuff.

Although I've used a handful of the items, truth be told, it's way too tedious of a job to search for things on it since we can't actually see everything anywhere. There's no way for us to really know what is out there without stumbling on some of them accidentally which is truly impossible for anyone wanting to just browse and see what's in there. Of course, that's been my main complaint on it since I started using the app so ... yeah lol.

Now it's just getting messy and what I "can" see in the only 2 sections it gives us default, is garbage to me.