Language in the html start tag

Hello, I just did run my page through a html-checker and did receive the following information as I did write my page in German: "consider adding lang="de" (or variant) to the html start tag" Perhaps the language attribute might be added in a future version. Cheers Holger

To do that is very easy, look at this

Bootstrapstudio lang att

I agree it's pretty easy to add it and not sure there would be anything that could be done that would save any time on it since it's just a 3 click or so addition.

Having said that, there might be something that could be done to show people that it needs to be there as a choice by doing the following?

  1. Add a setting in the Options window when the HTML tag is selected so that you can toggle on/off the language tag. ---- 1a. When the toggle is checked to add it, have a greyed out drop down below it become active where you can choose your language abbreviation to be inserted. ---- 1b. The language tag is not added to the HTML tag "until" the language has been chosen, this keeps a null or blank language tag from happening.

That's it, tag is added and language chosen and all set to go! Not sure if that's doable for the devs, but it might be. It won't save any time or clicks in adding it, adding it manually is pretty simple to do, but it would make it simpler for those unfamiliar with adding tags to know "how" to do it. :)

Thanks folks! Cheers Holger

thanks! I was looking for this exact feature.

Thaks for the info....