Large designs lag a lot

I noticed after using Bootstrap Studio to edit larger designs with more structures, it starts to lag the longer I use it. This is a recurring thing and it lags to the point where it takes 5-10 seconds + for an element to load into the tree structure after dragging it.

Restarting the app normally helps with the lag, but comes back the more the app is used.

But even when restarting the app, large designs generally can take seconds when dragging an element onto the tree structure or design.

From my memory, this started to happen after a CSS feature update (I forget which one exactly, I could be wrong but this could help you guys debug the issue).

It also definitely isn’t my PC since I’m running on good specs, and non of the CPU/Memory resources ever go near 100% usage when using BSS. I also run much higher end applications with no problem.

@VBX Can you post a link to your site?

Sorry to be so sarcastic, but being a desktop dev too, I laughed reading what you wrote here :wink: If you can’t remember the exact feature update, it doesn’t help. In my own user support, I received tons of reports like this:

  • It doesn’t work!
  • Do you remember the error message? Do you have a screenshot? Can you describe a sequence to reproduce the failure? Do you have a sample of failing data to show?
  • No, it was a Tuesday morning, the sun was beautiful, but hoping you’ll be able to fix it.

Well, the best would be to spot the exact update (maybe you have backups, then you could go back and try to determine the concerned update) and be more accurate in your declaration (“larger design”, “more structure”, “good specs”, those are too vague to be helpful).

Thank you for the report! We fixed this slowdown recently, the fix will be part of our next update in a few days. For now restarting the app when slowdowns occur is the only way around it.


All one needs is debugging skills to pinpoint such an issue.

This is not a personalized problem, if you add several varying elements to the tree structure and duplicate them a few times over as well as creating many layers of elements, you will be able to replicate the issue.

I am reporting an application bug that affects anyone with a large design, not just a problem with my designs or PC. That’s the point I was getting across by saying my “specs are fine.”

It’s not my job to debug or find what’s causing the issue, I am reporting it to the best of my knowledge. If there are any specific questions from a BSS dev for clarification of the issue, feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently, @martin just said it’s solved… You’re a lucky man or woman (your profile doesn’t tell more). Your job is not to debug, but your words were vague (large, fine, etc.). My reaction was just because I practice users since more than 30+ and it’s often a headache as people are imprecise and impatient at the same time…

Thanks @martin I was going to report this as well since I was also having a lot of issues with the app slowing down sometimes to a crawl and so far it didn’t matter what size the site was so, here’s hoping that’s all good to go!

@martin This is great news!

Great! Any chance of seeing html template tag being implemented in the upcoming update? Since it wouldn’t take alot of time(just a while) and it would improve some of certain cases and I’m lacking this tag, same for the normal hrml progressbar

The template tag is supported in Custom Code. Would there be benefits to having it as a component? It is only editable as code anyway.

I see some benefits to adding the progress tag, but Bootstrap already has a customizable progress bar built-in. It is not clear why people would prefer the HTML one.

There would be and I don’t see a big deal with putting it as a component same for progressbar.

For an example I’m using bootstrap studio and I’m using alpine.js inside it, it would be much more readable for me if i would have template as a “component” and i wouldnt have to open vsc all the time and i could sit in bootstrap studio without leaving it and would improve the readability a lil bit. I dont see a huge cost in implementing it since theres alot of other tags being implemented to bss and they don’t make any chaos for the user by being there.

About the progressbar i wasnt really satisfied with the bootstrap one and the html one is supported natively and is only one line of html while bootstrap one is atleast two and has worse ux inside bss cause u have to click for the fill html div inside html window to do anything with it.

Offtop is bootstrap studio built upon on grapes.js cause it seems like?