Leave navbar toggled by default on small screens

I have the navbar element in a site I am developing, and would like it to stay toggled on small screens (on page reload, the menu reappears, forcing the user to hide it on every page interaction). If I can invert the behavior (leave toggled on small screens) this would meet the requirement.

It feels like the expanded option, “MD and Above” should produce this behavior, but it doesn’t.

Any help appreciated,

Sounds to me like you may have left a section open of the nav, somewhere in BSS. Check your project and see if the nav is open at that size in BSS and if it is, close it there and that should fix your issue :slight_smile:


This got me pointed in the right direction. I was over complicating it - setting the view to be toggled by updating body class and nav classes did the trick.

Thank you!!

Glad to hear it! Enjoy and holler if you get stuck again :slight_smile: