Left Right arrows in code windows Search box

Just a small annoyance that I haven't bothered to post on that I just got annoyed with this morning lol.

Can we get arrows (left right) next to the search box when searching the HTML and CSS code? Would be so much easier than having to click the enter key to move forward and not have a backward movement possible at all as it is now.

Nothing immediate, as I said, just an annoyance that would make life easier for searchers in BSS :)

Sorry, I've missed this topic. Arrow keys would be a good addition to the search field. As for going backward in search results, you can do it even now with Shift + Enter.

Thanks for that tip Martin, I hadn't thought to look at the key bindings to see if there was a way and I should have looked first. Arrows would definitely be easier though, but at least I "can" go back if I need to :)