Let us delete websites without renewing license

I’ve already gotten a new license from BSS after the license with my websites has expired.
Had to uninstall and reinstall BSS multiple times to input the new license key because the current version 6.6.1 doesn’t have the ‘Help’ menu to give access to license options (…why?).
Only to discover my old license stores my domains and I can’t edit or even delete them without paying to renew that license.
£30 to delete a domain and assign it to a new license is unreasonable.
I’m forced to change every reference to my website to a new URL.

All I was trying to do when I opened the software today was update my website…

Sorry that you’ve run into problems! In situations like these you can contact our support to transfer the website to your new license, there is no need to renew the old one. Your suggestions makes sense and we will make website deletion available to old licenses to make it easier for users to handle this case themselves.

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