Letter turn into squares Arch Linux [fixed in 4.0.0]

When I want to open or save my work all names displayed in the window turn into squares as it were encrypted. Which fonts does bootstrap studio use? Maybe I don't have them installed on my system. PS: I'm using arch linux on gnome

I have the same problem on Debian with xfce4. It started some time within the past month. It sure would be nice to have it fixed.

update: Downgrading all the packages with pango in the name of them from version 1.40.6-1 to 1.40.5-1 seems to work around the issue on my system, for example, by running

dpkg -i libpango-1.0-0_1.40.5-1_amd64.deb

with with this .deb file and about five others like it.

I have the same problem in Arch. Downgrading into pango 1.40.5-1 did help. I hope it can be fix in the next release.

I have the same problem in Arch linux and xfce4.

I hate to say "me too", but "me too". I'm using Arch and I just bought Bootstrap Studio to day, and I noticed this.

I will try the workarounds suggested. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as I am trialing/demoing this software for the company I work for. If it works well they will probably consider more purchases.

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Note, I started a demo site on Linux with the idea of opening it in Windows to see if the opposite problem occurs. Since the site was just a one page test like the other one, I set about recreating it. I found that when I added an icon using Font Awesome like I did on the Windows copy of this design, Bootstrap Studio crashes. Again, this is on Linux.

The bug can be seen by doing these simple steps — again, on Linux:

  1. Open Bootstrap Studio
  2. Create a design (no need to name it, and just pick the blank design)
  3. Drag an Icon to the stage
  4. Double-click the icon ans select Font Awesome from the drop down list
  5. Bootstrap Studio crashes

Since I used Font Awesome with the design I created in Windows, and that design doesn’t open in Linux — AND since simply choosing Font Awesome in Linux crashes Bootstrap Studio, I am thinking these things are related. I will go back to the Windows version, remove the Font Awesome icon and see if this fixes the issue.

Thank you for reporting and investigating these bugs!

The Electron version Bootstrap Studio is using is a few releases behind, which is probably the reason for the square bug. We are waiting for a stable 1.7 release before upgrading Electron. It should fix this bug.

For the crash, I guess that this is caused by the text rendering libraries that Arch is using. We don't support and test on that distro officially, so I am afraid I can't offer much help with this. There is a good chance that the Electron upgrade will fix this as well.

Thanks for the info. That makes sense.

For what it's worth, I went into my design that worked on Windows and filed on Linux, changed my Font Awesome characters to use Glyphs instead, and the project opened in Linux just fine after that.

I think it's odd that Font Awesome usage is the culprit, but that's what it was in my case.

I can confirm this error on Debian 8, it seems to be an issue with pango testing packages, since downgrading to stable is a workaround and seems to temporary fix the problem (until the next system update and then will be needed to downgrade again). Waiting for the electron update for upgrades.

The same bug happens on Fedora 26, so it is not a debian derived linux releated issue. Fedora is Redhat based. Using Gnome/wayland and Nvidia drivers. Nouveau drivers crashes too often

Moved Bootstrap Studio to a Intel graphics only pc running Fedora 26. The same bug happens. So it is not related to the linux distro, nor is it releated to the video card.

Is there any advance on this issue?, everytime I update my linux machine I have to downgrade pango related libraries from testing (1.40.12-1) to stable (1.40.5-1) for BS to work.

good luck with the alternatives

Evidently, bootstud, you don't Google much. There are numerous alternatives, some free some not.

I hope you do not officially speak for the Bootstrap Studio developers as your attitude is very elitist. To that end, I'm done conversing with you. If you do represent the Bootstrap Studio Developers themselves, I am inclined to be done with them as well.

Linux is a first-class citizen in development teams. Microsoft has even figured out that they wither support it or lose the "cloud". While Microsoft was busy winning the desktop, Linux won the world (as in network, internet, cloud, etc.) Whether or not you believe that is of no concern to me.

Now, if the Bootstrap Studio developers continue to want to think of Linux users as sub-par, second-in-line-for-features kind of users -- that does concern me. I will take my business elsewhere. Believe me, there are other alternatives. So far I have bought only the one license for trial purposes. It's a very good product and very cost effective. But I'll not buy it for the rest of my team, and pass it up the chain to the other 30-ish developers in the organization if they don't at least put out a road map to address this issue.

So again, I hope you (bootstud) have a nice day. But I'm finished trying to enlighten you.

Hi @mrunion,

As @martin said in this post earlier in the thread:

• The Electron version Bootstrap Studio is using is a few releases behind, which is probably the reason for the square bug. We are waiting for a stable 1.7 release before upgrading Electron. It should fix this bug.

Which I assume now hopefully coincides with his comment in the v4 Roadmap thread.

• New version of the Electron framework that Bootstrap Studio uses.

v4 should hopefully be out this week - as seen in that quick note from the developers. I hope that helps a little. ;-)


v4 released today, does it help with this issue?


Thanks for the feedback, BSS_User -- and for the update.

I will try to test this out today before I leave the office. If I can't get to it today I will try to do so by the end of the week.

Again, thanks for a sane approach to the problem and not some suggestion to change our entire development pipeline.

WONDERFUL! It works just fine now using Font-Awesome (or any of the other icons). I repeated my steps from earlier in the post on how to duplicate the issue and it is fixed.

Thanks again, Bootstrap Studio developers, and BSS_User.

I can report back to the other developers/supervisors that the issue is fixed in this latest version now.

You're welcome, glad to hear it sorted out your issues, hopefully all goes well going forward.