Library Private Component Sharing.

Have the possibility to create a private component library that could be shared by the account. Have the possibility also to organize the components by folders like: menu, header, footer.

Umm... that's both in there already. Any components you create are available to you no matter what project you are in, it's not Project wide, but App wide.

Folders are also creatable, just right click over any section in the User area and it will give you a menu that allows you to add folders. Then you can use the new multi select feature there and in Design panel (folders work the same way there too) to move them where you want them by right clicking over one of the highlighted files and choosing the destination folder for them all.

I'm sure they are referring to multiple users i.e computers on the same account at the same time having access to those same locally created components etc... rather then having to upload them to the online section.

It seems that each computer on the account needs to download those components and they just want to have all the computers on that account have a shared local user resource.


Part of the folders I had not seen yet. But the part of sharing the components I think it cool to have a button that makes it possible to leave the component private. This would be useful so that I can share pieces of code exclusively with my team.

It would be great if there was a setting where one could put a remote private network drive path (say an S3 bucket or something like that) to store library. That way, when someone saves a custom library component it is immediately avaiable to all others who have the same library path in their settings (i.e. your team)

I'd say you can do something like this.

Create a Network share. All Team Members have access to the share. Save your project to the share. Export your components to the share. Have all team members use the project(s) and components from the share. DO NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE TEAM MEMBER EDITING THE PROJECT AT A TIME the app doesn't support versioning you'd have to use something like StarTeam for something like that. If you edit/update a component or the project save it with a file name that includes some sort of version number to indicate the latest version. Notify Team Members of the new version so they can go to the network share to get the new version to use.

You can right click on a component and select export so you can export the component to the network share. You can import components from the File menu > Import > Import Component.



When we export components the folder structure is not restored, when you have a lot of components it could be a pain to keep synchronize all the library, with this method.

Another solution i've found recently… Your custom components, user components are stored in a file, as a json readable object. This file is located on mac in /Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Application\ Support/bstudio/userPackages

So if we create a git repository in the bsstudio preference directory, we can share and publish these components between a team, keeping the correct folder structure even if it complicated or large, without headaches.

The bonus :

open the file in Atom for example, set the file type to json, use pretify. the structure is complex, but it's really interesting to see how components descriptions are stored. if you're motivated, you can edit , add folders, or ceate new components in your text editor… ^^