The Library section on this site does not work,when you click to download a .bdndesign file,you get a page not found error

The software is awesome,thank you so much for the low price :)

So I took a look at the library, I didn't click anything to download, just wanted to point out that almost every thing found on the library is already in the BSS app.

In the app under the Components pane click on the Online tab and in the search field type in what your looking for from the library (i.e. keyword: bootstrap or pretty). I tried it an found everything but the "Bootstrap Resume Page" is missing and the "Inline Bootstrap Form". The form I think isn't in there because it's technically just an Options pane option for the FORM element.

Obviously, this doesn't pose a fix of the Library page being broken. Just info on helping you to get the items your looking for hopefully :)


Thanks on this, I too had that issue yesterday when I was looking in there and was going to post to ask about it. Now I know, thanks again Saj. :)