Lightbox Gallery, different image sizes

Hi ,
I try that the lightbox opens different images, depending on the screen size

On desktop an image (in large) with 1400x800px is displayed, which looks very good. But in the mobile view the image is of course very small.

I thought about an automatic adjustment, but in the mobile view (414x896) there is only a section of the image, I think it would be better to crop the images for this by hand.

But then I would have to be able to store 2 different links in the lightbox, which are used depending on the screen size…

I hope someone understands what I mean :slight_smile: Normally this would be possible via @media

Maybe someone has already done this or has a tip. Many thanks

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You might want to check out glightbox, it has a zoom feature so on a mobile device the user can pinch to zoom into the image. As well as a lot more feature.