Lightbox gallery image sizes

I keep trying to figure this out and keep failing. I add my images to my lightbox gallery, but they are not all the same size. I dislike the wonky sizing. Do I need to edit the images so they are all the same size first?

Um that would be a yes. The galleries and light box etc only display them. Always best to size them how you want them. Sometimes if an image isn’t as tall or wide I add a background layer of a dark Grey or brownish to fill out the image size.

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I do the same thing! Sometimes I’ll make the background layer the same color as the website background.

Okay, I was hoping there might be a shortcut. hahaha Thanks for the response!! I’ll just size them out so they are cohesive.

If I can’t get them to the size I need without adding to the canvas size, I will keep that in mind.