Lightbox show more

Hello all

If you have a lightbox gallery with 10 images, but you only want to show 3, the rest you can only see by clicking on Show all photos.

How would you do it?

Here is an airbnb listing example

Use a full screen modal which is opened using the show all photos button

within the modal use the bss lightbox component with the 10 images


Wow, thanks for giving a working example! :grin:

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It might be cool to make that into an online component in the user library. A lot of beginners would probably find it useful/educational.

Good idea. I was going to make a few changes but I’ve posted the basic version as “Lightbox in Modal”

Here is another solution if you have many photos with a customizable lightbox click a flag to see all flags in the lightbox, click the country name to see the details for the country and the flag in the lightbox