Line breaks within one paragraph component

Hello. How do we add line breaks within one paragraph component? Thanks.

Follow these directions from Chris Hackwood - Line breaks within one paragraph component

You need to make a Custom Code of your own for that. Just create a custom code box in a project, delete all of the default code in the box and just add the code for the br or as many of the br tags as you need which you can adjust as needed.

Once you create that, save it to your library of components and drag it and drop it wherever you need it, even within paragraphs, between components etc.

Thank you for your help.

It is appreciated if Bootstrap Studio could create line breaks within a 'p' component by just clicking "Enter". =D

You'll need to post suggestions in the Ideas section rather than in here. Although I wouldn't expect it with just hitting "Enter" That would be a maddening thing to do with as many times as enter gets hit for things, not thanks!

I do agree it needs to be added though, but to add it ourselves is quick and painless so do that for now and post your suggestion in ideas. Do a search there, there has already been a post on that quite some time ago, probably more than one even.