Line Numbers

I'm wondering if it's possible we could get the ability to display line numbers (even if they aren't the actual line numbers of the files since they aren't exported yet) just to be able to reference the spot we are at when editing. Since the files that you have open in the Styles editor area always reset to the top of the file (so far all except my custom CSS and the default bootstrap css files that I imported for reference do this) and I have to scroll back down to wherever I was if I'm copying something from one file to another. I do know I can copy via the menu from one file to another, but sometimes we're only copying an attribute of on rule to another on another file so doing that copy via the menu doesn't work well for this.

If we had the ability to have line numbers that would expedite our editing a lot so we know where to scroll back to without having to guess each time and search. My custom file is getting pretty long (not super long yet, but I'm sure it will be lol), so it's getting a bit tedious for this process.

It would also be great if we could have the app not always scroll back to the top of the file and it would stay wherever it is scrolled at even if you change to another tab of another open CSS file or other file. Then when we go back to that other file it would be right where we left it. This actually would be much better than having line numbers, but either one or even both would suffice. Thanks!

I stand corrected here, seems all the files eventually go back to the top, not always right away, but pretty close to it.

Thank you for starting this thread!

In the next releases we are going to add support for SASS, which will be treated as source code and edited in our code editors. I think this would be a better editing experience for people handling large stylesheets. The CSS editor will be left for quick prototyping. We will place a "Convert to SASS" option in the context menus of all .css files, which will extract the CSS you've written and will place it in a SASS file.

Do you think this would help you with your work?

I have no clue haha, Sass isn't something I've looked into yet, but ... I do have some tutorials and online classes that I have been procrastinating at completing so I guess I had better do so! I've seen bits and pieces of it though and I do think it would be a great advantage in this app so it sounds great to me.

Will the app do all the processing (compiling) of the CSS then or will we need to do that when we export the site? I guess the real question here is, will we need to know how to compile it and if so what type of apps you would suggest we need for this?

SASS will be compiled for you when you click the Apply button in the editor, and the changes will be reflected immediately. Because SASS is a superset of CSS, any valid CSS is valid SASS. In other words you will be able to write regular CSS in our code editor without using or knowing SASS.

Sounds great! I will still learn it anyways, but I'm really glad to hear that it will all be handled by your app. I'm so loving this app more and more every day, I can't thank you enough for all the time it will save me in the future. Maybe not saving me so much right now with learning how it all works yet hehe, but it's a fun adventure none the less!