Line of text

Could you add a component called "line of text" or something similar that would add a <br> at the end so we can have multiple lines in a paragraph? If not possible, add a <br> component as it is working also (but not as much easy to deal with). I use a "custom code" component to insert the <br> for now but I would prefer to see <br> or "Line of text" in the DOM explorer as it would be easier to remember what it is.

Just a note, when I write <br> in custom code, the result it <br /> in the HTML view. That's not the HTML 5 standard. Could you remove the / ?

Thank you.

Does not adding multiple p components do the job for you?

Pretty sure this has been covered in older post and BSS devs said br not supported

No, multiple p component is not an option. There is a difference between a paragraph and a single line break.

Sure it has been covered in another post (, but nobody suggested a temporary solution while we're waiting for the "text editing update".

br is not supported for now but should be added later from what the devs said.

Thanks for opening this thread! The simplest way to add this is to drag and drop a Custom Code component into a paragraph and to add a <br> inside it. You can even save this as a custom component and drop it whenever you need it.

The text editing update is coming but we have things with higher priority right now.

It's exactly what I did as I said in my first post. I also mentioned that the HTML view shows <br /> instead <br>. <br /> is deprecated as Bootstrap generate HTML5 code. This only apply to the HTML viewer inside Bootstrap Studio. The resulting files are fine.

I will be patient and wait for the text editing update.

It is now almost 6 months this request was made. I just purchased Bootstrap Studio. I love it very much except I find it so difficult to work with text in paragraphs. Wouldn't it be possible to have a built-in text editor as the one I am typing this comment in? This would solve the problem... I followed the instructions to create custom code "<br>". How do you insert it inside your line, at the end after the full stop? It doesn't work that way. Also how do you save it as a component called "br" that can be re-used? Thank you.

Just create one with a custom component. Delete the div set that is there and just ad the <br>. It works just fine and you can edit it to add more <br> to it as needed. Just drag it wherever you want it, can be within a line, right after any character, between characters of a word or number or whatever, or at the end of a line or end of a P tag or wherever you want. Easy as pie and works as it should.

^^^^^ nice workaround jo so, simple yet effective

Hey Jo!

I've created the custom component with just <br> in it. However, I can't find a way to add in in the middle of a heading or block of text. Can you share how you do it?


Please pardon my ignorance on how to add <br> but could someone please explain it step by step. Being that this is my first week with Bootstrap Studio, I can't even figure out how to make the Custom Code component for it. I've been using WebPlus for such a long time, this is all new to me with Bootstrap. I have hit a mental roadblock with this.


Ok so the steps are as follows

1) search for custom code component in component section and drag into your design 2) right click on the HTML tree on said component and select edit, this will open a HTML editor block under the main preview 3) in said HTML window add your code for line break and commit the change. 4) go back to HTML tree and select the custom code component component and right click again but this time select add to library 5) a window will pop up asking you to name the component - just call it line break. 6) once done this will be added to your own personal library and you can then just drag it on where needed.

Thank you Chris. The steps you gave are exactly what I needed. I never noticed the Custom Code component in the sidebar before you mentioned it. I think I will check out all the components to see what is available. Again thanks.