link css not working

created link css in styles.css a:link {color: black} a:hover {color: red} a:active {color: blue}

You get the idea. I add a link onto a page, the preview page. The link css isn't applied to link. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Please share your css that you added and example of where you have used it.

In Styles.css

a:link { color:black; text-decoration:none; }

a:hover, a:focus { color:#0191b6; text-decoration:underline; }

a:active { color:#006085; text-decoration:none; }

simple anchor tag in body

<a href="">Google</a>

In order to do this you'll want to find the classes that Bootstrap has tied to the links and duplicate them and change them and alter them that way. Just adding classes doesn't always override defaults.

I thought that too, so I created unique classes in styles.css

a.foobar:link {color: black;} a.foobar:hover, a.foobar:focus {color: red;} {color: blue;}

still doesn't work.

Could you host your design using the apps inbuilt hosting function to allow us to see what's happening as may help to debug this for you