Link path shown on empty space on gray bar ...

Unless we're getting the full width ability for the Options panel to pull out far enough to see the full paths of our links it would be great if we could:

Mouse over or click option to show the full url as typed in the URL box on the light grey almost empty bar of the tabs (the bar just above the darker grey bar that has the middle mini menu on it for text editing.)

This would save me a lot of hassle, time and so on with not having to constantly drag my mouse along the URL box to see the end of a URL (some are pretty long depending on what they are).

Would be great if this worked with both the mouse over and the click. When moused over it would be temp while being moused over, and when clicked it would stay in the top bar until something else is clicked. This would truly speed up some of my projects that have too long of URL's in them for files and such, where I could just verify their URL's by doing the mouse over or click, much faster than having to do the drag to the end of the input box.

I know i've asked multiple times to have the Option panes pull further out and allow us to see more of the content of the input boxes, but maybe if that doesn't seem to be possible, maybe the above would be easier to implement.

We can make the option panels expand more than currently and add a tooltip when hovering over options. Do you think this would help?

Actually I was going to ask about this as this last update looks like maybe they did already expand the panel range? I haven't explored it totally, but can you check to see if that is the case? If not then I'm going to guess I may have had the UI larger and it may have reset on the update and now things fit better? I'm not sure, but all I know is I could see pretty much the whole line when I was editing one of my projects just after that update. I'll test this more on some projects that have deeper directory setups too.

Either way a tooltip with the full URL would be helpful yes!

Thanks for getting back to me on this and hopefully they did update that panel size already. One thing to keep in mind too about the panel width. There were things that when the panel width was maximized, we still couldn't see the full line (some in the Overview pain if the tree was too deep) because it was cut off at some area in the text itself. In other words, it looked like there was a max characters set for the panels and no matter how wide the panels could be slid over, it wouldn't matter. Basically the area was pretty narrow and created a vertical scroll which wasn't adjustable with the width of the panel. If you can have them check that as well that would be great too, otherwise the wider panels may not be 100% helpful.