Link to files and output to a custom directory

It would be nice to be able to link to any type of files. It could be in a section called "Other files". That would allow the use of PHP files or external CSS/SCSS/LESS.

Also, it would be nice if we could output the live changes from the program into a directory of our choice. That way, we could use an external XAMPP server to execute PHP code for example.

Thank you for the suggestion! Maybe an auto-export feature would solve this problem better? It could write your files automatically to disk on every save, and you could make it export to a folder with your PHP source files.

Do you think this would solve your use case?

I guess we would lose the live changes feature. Maybe you could do like Brackets. Here is the procedure to make it run with an external server (XAMPP in my example):

  1. Install XAMPP server
  2. Start Apache and mySql services in XAMPP
  3. In Brackets, save PHP files in \htdocs of XAMPP or a sub-folder
  4. In Brackets, File >> Project Settings... >> Live Preview Base URL: (user must write the URL)
  5. In Brackets, click on live preview to see the output on the browser

Do you think it is something easy to do to? That way, we would keep the live changes feature active with PHP/Perl/other development in Bootstrap Studio.