Linked Designs?

I had a design (let’s call it one.bsdesign) and made two copies of it ( and I meant for one.bsdesign to drive you to one language (one_en.bsdesign) or the other (one_fr.bsdesign). I’m able to make content changes for one.bsdesign and one_en.bsdesign, but if I change the Export Settings of SEO Properties, it changes for both. However, I can have independent Export Settings and SEO Properties in one_fr.bsdesign. Could the first two be linked in some way from the copying process? What change can I make so that they can have independent header information and Export Setting locations?

Thank you!

Sounds like you duplicated the bsdesign file which means there are certain ID’s within the project that are shared (not to be confused with HTML ID’s, these are built in items within the files themselves.

What you need to do is open your main design, do a Save As and rename it, then rinse and repeat for any other copies you need. That will assign each of them their own internal ID and you shouldn’t see that issue again. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Jo-r . . . that did the trick!