Linked Navbar links to pages in folders

I have a problem with my linked navbar (with dropdown). I have a lot of pages and I created some folders (some categories). How do set the correct links on my linked nanvbar for these pages in our categories?
Is it possible?

Sorry for my bad English!!
Thanks for the helps!!

You will most likely need to have 2 separate Linked Navs to handle the top level and any second level folders you have pages in. The easiest way to do this is to use the linked one you have created and add it to a page in a folder.

NOTE: If you have multiple folders you will most likely need a separate Linked Nav for each of them. Folders do complicate Linked items that have internal links on them unfortunately

Once you have copied your linked nav to a page within a folder, “Unlink” it and alter the links as needed.
Then do the Paste Linked only to the other pages within that folder. Be sure to delete the previous Nav when you do this as well.
Rinse and Repeat for each folder you have created for pages.

The key to remember here is that even though you have multiple navs, only 1 of them in each level will need to be edited and it doesn’t matter which one, there is no “Master” Linked Component, they are all equal. So editing 1 nav in each of the folders will be all you will need to do.

Here’s a couple links to help you with how to create your paths:

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Dear Joe-r,

Ok, I understand this logics!!

many thanks for Your help!!
Have a nice day!

You’re quite welcome, good luck with the site and enjoy!