Links in tabs have no effect (except when using open in new tab)

Hi all, I’m using the standard “Tabs” component as a sub-navigation bar (Main navigation is on left side, tabs are at top).

When I click on a tab, there is no effect, even though the URL is shown correctly in the browser when I hover over the link. However, when I right-click and open page in a new tab, the page opens correctly. The HTML looks correct

As you can see from the screenshot, I’m using target="_top" so would expect it to open as a new page in the same browser tab.

Has anyone come across this before?

You would want to use a nav component.

The tab component would be used for ‘tabs’ as in the content would be displayed below and only that content would change.

Also you don’t need to set a target if it is going to be on the same browser window

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Thank you! I swapped the tab component for the nav component, and it did exactly what I was looking for!

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