Is there any way to link an image to a href?

Insert your link, select it, go to Options (upper right) > Link Options > URL, click the dropdown menu and choose between pages or images you wish to link.

Thanks, I linked to my pic but the link is still underneath the pic

ah I figured it out you can double click the link and just backspace it out! Thanks so much for your help!!

@Printninja Haha 4 plus years I've been using this app and never knew that setting was there in the Options lol. Boy do I feel dumb now not having found that little gem lol.

I usually just drag a link in where I want it on the Overview tree, then drag an image component into the link component in the Overview tree. Then set the settings for them both.

So @lexcraw4d now you have 2 ways to do it lol. Both work great, but I like the ease of @Printninja's way much better myself.

@Jo That kind of thing has happened to me more times than I can count with Adobe software like Photoshop or Illustrator. Years ago when I had an office with employees, I'd hire people and be surprised when they'd show me ways of doing things that I'd never knew were available, or were just different (often easier) than the way I'd been doing them. And then of course the opposite would also happen, where I'd show them ways to do things they never thought of.

Even software developers experience this, when they say they are shocked to see their users find ways to do things with their own programs that never even occurred to them when they created the program.