List Group Items as Links!

Your List Group object is great, but if you check the Bootstrap 3 docs, you will see that the list could be done with a div containing anchor tags instead of the ul and li method you currently have implemented. It would be nice to be able to choose the type. :)


Why not just drag a link into the li and then use as an anchor tag?

Its actually not the same.

Doing that makes the TEXT in the link a link... whereas an anchor of list-group-item formats the entire block as a link. Looks and feels much better. You can see it here:

That said, it is a minor issue... can also just make them myself... which is what I have done anyway. xD


I have shared my component that provides this structure. That works well enough. I guess my hope would be to see it with the options supported as options to nicely set the type of item to info, success, danger, etc...

I'm going to guess that you totally missed the List Group on the list of components. It's already there, just gotta look a little closer for it towards the top of the Containers section you see List in.

No, I saw that and use it... but I was looking for a component that implemented it in a div instead of a ul - THAT SAID... you saying made me look over it... and like a complete idiot, I missed the TYPE option on the List Group item itself. ;-;

That option is EXACTLY what I wanted. Type = Div with Links...

Soo many options... felt like I really searched too. Sorry for wasting everyone's time. Thanks for the input and replies.

haha no worries, I'm sure we've all been there and will be with many of the features. Lots I haven't checked out either yet lol. Glad you got it worked out though, good luck!

Thanks! :)