List of horizontal photos

Hi everyone, one question. How can I create a horizontal image gallery with bootstrap studio?

Use Flexbox to set it up how you want it. The options are in the Options pane when you target the container or Col/Div/etc.

Horizontal image gallery can mean many things. Are you talking about something like this, where there is a single image shown, with a horizontal slide strip at the bottom?

Or something like this, where there are a series of images shown in a horizontal format that can be scrolled through?

Or just a row of individual images that can be clicked on, like the Lightbox Gallery component that is included with Bootstrap Studio?

If it's the third, you just drag the Lightbox Gallery on to your page, expand the row called Photos, select each column one-by-one, and reset the column options. Then you will have a single row of images that when clicked on, will open into a gallery in a modal. The images will, of course, become quite small as you reduce the width of the screen.