List of javascript functions

As a follow up to this first idea, to improve the editor part of BSS, it would be very useful to have a dropdown list (or other type of control, but this one doesn’t take a lot of space) of all the Javascript functions in the current .js file; I mean both arrow functions and function expressions. Of course, selecting a function in the list will lead to this function in the code.

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I don’t really feel it since I’m using extension like this in vsc, imho its not needed and its waste of time to me.

The goal here is to improve BSS, not a third-party editor.

I didn’t say anything about improving 3rd party tool. I just clearly said your request is easily fixable and there are more important features to being implemented. This wont help too many people anyways since barely anybody here except few ppl code or do anything in js. Most of ppl just copy and paste ready to use functionalities.

Theres no point for such a feature, theres too much more interesting features and other things which have been requested.

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Not my opinion, but you can have yours, of course.

You know, I would want to get many updates focused on myself, but sadly this isnt how it works :melting_face:

so what are some of the more important features that you think should be implemented?

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What do you want I answer such a stupid assertion like this… You’re a user, I am another. You ask what you need and I’ll do the same. Nothing more!

As @asa32sd23 said: “What’s the more important features” you have in mind? The one you need, so you’re talking about yourself too; as everyone is doing.

If I should put a negative post beside every post you post to this forum, I would spend my days doing it, you know. But the fact is that I prefer to stay silent when a minor idea doesn’t concern me, if it doesn’t impact the main roadmap of the software (here, BSS, but I’m in a lot of forums).

Here, this tiny feature I’m talking about is a matter of one day to implement (maybe half). Right now, I’m using Notepad++ (the same way I’m using Pycharm, Codeblocks, and so on), so I can live without it.

Your indication that Visual Studio Code covers this feature is not useful news: all the IDE and other dev oriented editor do it… ALL! But here, we’re talking about BSS. Currently, I guess a lot of web designers and/or dev use the option of an external editor (you included, since you talked about VSC)… This is significative enough to the fact that BSS has to be improved in this field… So, from time to time, I’ll (if I don’t give up and go away, since it would be easy for me to suppress this added effort and stay focused on my essential – which is not to come in a forum to help, I’m able to produce websites without BSS, without Bootstrap and even without any framework at all) post a tiny idea, one by one… And you’ll be able to come and say : “Bad idea, not for me!”… But it will be just puerile (not to say it would sound like a personal attack instead of a real reflexion about the post content). It’s up to you!

For me BSS is a nice development tool for websites and, even, with some tips and tricks, for templating (I’m using it to produce blog templates against a Perl back-end, for example)… So, in “development tool”, there’s the word “development”. You can’t say that I’m just talking about me when I ask for a Javascript-oriented feature. Javascript is part of BSS. VSC is a third party editor which doesn’t bring any value to BSS.

[This was my last message about this (too) polemic topic.]

Statements like this always give me a good laugh. As if you or I have any idea on the structure and workings of BSS or any other app to know how long something will take to implement. :rofl:

Yes, I have a good idea after something like one million lines of code in my life and the creation of multiple apps in C and C++ with something like thousands of users.

Good for you. Congratulations :joy:

That laugh says more about you than it does about me. That said, laughing is good for the health. I also practice :rofl:

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i think its a good idea… id rather have my specific BSS JS scripts internal to BSS.

you can build them out in VS Code, test them , then save them within BSS, that would be great