Was there a update to Discourse cause I cant connect on mobile any longer…


So far so good on my end.
Are you still experiencing issues?

Did you try clearing your cache?

I checked on the Discourse Site and the same issue occurs on their Demo site. Probably a browser list outdated issue :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: throwing me to the wolves

This is due to the recent Discourse update which we installed the other day. It shows a new loading screen on first page load. Maybe it’s throwing errors in your Dev Tools?

I am starting to believe its more of a iphone mobile operating system being to old as all browsers Safari, Chrome, and Firefox apps show the loading error. I am running 12.5.5 Iphone 6. Discourse indicates stopping support for 12.5.5 in 2013. Also something about IE11 no longer supported may cause issue with Safari but I think that would be non related since Chrome and Firefox do the same (also on Discourse Demo site I get the loading error on all browsers). Oh well happened to my flip phone years ago… :no_mobile_phones:

I saw this once today (for the first time.) I just reloaded the page and it resolved to the forum. Seems like a random DIscourse issue.

Yey, its fixed for now !