Loading scripts locally not work / Loads from CDN

I have found a problem with loading external files (css and js).

In the Export Settings I have deselected “Use a CDN for Libraries”, and it works for the most things.
But in my case

  • baguetteBox.min.css
  • swiper-bundle.min.css
  • baguetteBox.min.js
  • swiper-bundle.min.js

are still loaded from CDN (cloudflare).
After each export I have to change the entries manually.

How can i / we fix this ?

It’s a lot of (unnecessary) work for me. I think if I explicitly deselect CDN’s then there is a reason, otherwise this function is useless if it only affects some scripts.

In new versions of Bootstrap Studio our templates and components use local baguetteBox.js, Swiper etc, and not Cloudflare versions. Designs created before we made this change remain with the CDN editions to avoid breakage. However you can replace them by hand by deleting the files in the JavaScript group in the sidebar and importing local versions of these scripts.

Thank you!

I’m using 6.5.1, so in the future no problem.
Easy to solve by removing them in the sidebar, i’m almost a little ashamed that I didn’t think of it :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: