Locked component pieces and parts, can this be unlocked for us please?

So I've seen a lot of people asking for this, complaining about it etc. So I'm wondering if there is any possible way you can allow us full editabilty of the locked components same as anything else. Right now there is so much we could do if we could just edit a locked class/id/etc.

The biggest example I can give is in this thread about accordions with people trying to nest them and it's impossible to do without using custom code. https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/great-software-need-some-help-with-a-nested-accordion/page/2/#post-3318

I guess I'm falling back on the conversation we had a week or so ago about letting the designers be responsible for what they do rather than making us have to work so hard to work around things because you are afraid we will mess up our sites. Truly, the Undo/Redo works so very well and for so many steps that pretty much anything can be fixed that way, so if it got messed up it's fixable by undoing it. You also could put the responsibility back in our hands to be sure we're creating backups for when we do things like mess with code. I always save as a new name for messing around with things so I don't break my production site file, but either way it should be our responsibility, not yours, to see that we are being careful. Trust that we have a clue, and those that don't shouldn't really be playing with things anyways unless they have the brains to make a copy of their projects first. That would be their responsibility as well as anyone else's. This app isn't like your typical drag and drop "junior made a new website" app. It's complicated, it has lots of features, it's not something that will build a website for someone that hasn't got any clue at all, so therefore the expectations by it's users should be reflected in it as well.

Web design isn't for the weak of heart (so to speak lol), many people don't think it's all that major of a field of work, but it's as complicated as many others, and if we're going to be working on things, we should already have an idea how to follow a good work ethic (backups, focusing on our tasks etc.). I'm not an expert by any means, but I truly do find that the files that are locked within components shouldn't be. We should have the ability to edit them in some way or another. So here's my proposal.

Allow us the ability to "replace" the code in classes and any other parts that are locked by doing so with the Attributes panel. We can already do this for almost any property that isn't locked such as links that carry the Role, Data-toggle, Data-parent, Aria-expanded and so on. By adding a new Attribute using the plus + button we can replace what is in those properties, so why not give us this ability for the rest. If it's something that worries you, put in a checkbox with a warning popup that says are you sure, or something. This would truly open up a whole lot more functionality of our projects if we could do this.

Right now hitting the Plus button in the Attributes area and putting "class" (without quotes) in the first box and retyping what is in the class box already for the locked components, just appends it to the class rather than updating it. Let us update it.... pretty pretty please! :)

End plead for more functionality of locked items lol

I understand why the devs lock things down, it's to make it useable for the masses and whilst they are locked it protects the functionality that comes with them, being able to add/remove items etc. If you unlocked those my guess would be those options Go as someone could edit something that doesn't sync up and we would have rafts of bug reports saying it's broken, that's broken.

Aside from the nested accordion what else are you thinking needs unlocking?

If you need to fully control a component, why not just build one that uses many divs amd drags and basic drag and drop components and call them the same same class names as the BSS built ones have. You then have full control but may forfeit functionality. And it's there for all your other designs.

I totally agree on the availability of an Unlock mode, either function specific or general. Make it difficult enough to unlock and throw up enough warning and that should take care of it. I think a further clarification that no support is offered if you use the unlock would have value. It would elevate BS into a more serious and capable area I think.

Thank you for starting this thread!

We've only locked components that are necessary for the functioning of drag&drop and the options panel. If an unlocked mode was available, these features could stop working at any time, leading to confusion. "Unlocked" components could then be published to the online library, spreading the breakage to unsuspecting users who download them.

Inconsistent behavior is a very bad UX. As Chris said, this can lead to bug reports, frustration and a general poor experience. So we prefer to keep components locked down, which is good for 90% of use cases. The other 10% can just convert to Custom Code and do what they need.

I agree also that locked components remain so, but with the added flexibility of writing custom code to do more advanced things (i.e. declaring user-defined fonts viewable within BTS)