Locked components, and styles.


So, I've just purchased this awesome tool, so far so good. the only problem is the locked components and styles.

It is really annoying me, I feel somehow restricted, is there a way to unlock them, and edit them freely?

Many Thanks

Earnestinence M,

To style components, you just copy the bootstrap CSS class(es) to a new CSS file (BSS conveniently makes a starter stylesheet called styles.css) and then you can override or change any of the stock Bootstrap CSS by writing your own rules (or creating them with the visual tools.)

Locked components cannot be unlocked. You can, however, convert them to HTML, and edit the code directly.


"Yep, unlocking is coming in 4.4.5 which should be out very soon (likely this week)." - Martin Angelov (Bootstrap Studio Developer)

We unlocked some components in our last few releases. For the rest, the only way to modify them is to edit their options in the sidebar, or to convert them to Custom Code. Locking is necessary so that drag and drop can work.