Logo in navbar

Hi there thought I would give this one more chance. When I code by hand I can put a logo and navbar within the header. Can this be done?

Not sure what the 'one more chance' is about, but I have to ask the obvious ... why would you think it couldn't be done? You can put anything you want into the Header of your website. There are even prebuilt components in the UI section that contain navbars with a logo in them too if you want. Just depends on how you want your header set up. Totally up to you on whether you can do it or not, by whether or not you have the knowledge to do so.

One more chance is I have tried to import some websites I have coded before and they always have parts all out of place. I know that the code is correct as I have developed my own code by hand for years. Also every site I have done validates and cleared using HTML5 and CSS3 validators online to make sure the code is all up to date. So gave up doing that and thought I would just try to do one from scratch. Seems when I put in a navbar it stretches right across the page. What I want to do is put a logo right next to it. Thanks I will have a better look at it. So far I think I just wasted my money and for now will just keep coding by hand.

Thank you

You need to invest a bit more time before pass My judgement on the app - that's my 2p as I find it very powerful.

If you are trying to import sites you have built before it will be treated as custom code so you won't be able to draft and drop components within.

If you are wanted to add a image for the navbar brand then you will beee to include a correctly sized image for that space and then use the right hand menu option to make the image responsive it should then scale down to fit.

If you are still having issues it would be best to share a link to your site so we can see the mark up and css or simply share the mark up and css your using on here and we can help debug

Hi again I have been having a look at BSS and while trying to do this I found a logo in the middle of a menu on this site. https://www.theoldstate.com/ Can something like this be done or just to one side?


mixsetup, does this help?

Logo in middle of Menu

Thanks heaps that's exactly what I was looking for.

Hi Windy can you make the centered logo and men u all responsive? Something like this so in responsive view it still displays the logo? https://www.theoldstate.com/

Thank you

I can get the logo to be used as part of the menu as shown in video by using the navbar component instead of the nav. Not sure how to display the logo in responsive view. Maybe one of the other guys can point you in the right direction.

Responsive Navbar

Thank you that helps I will work on displaying the logo in responsive view. Hopefully it will not be too hard to work out. Thank you for your help.

This link shows you the coding that should do what you want

Responsive Logo

Thank you I will try and work it out in the morning. Funny I find using BSS harder to use at the moment than just write code in notepad++.