Looking for Documentation or explanation of document structure

Hi all,

In BSS I can make more then 1 *.bsdesign file and I can make more then 1 *.html files.
I need different html files for different controls. For example customControl1.html, customControl2.html and that bound to customControl1.bsdesign and customControl2.bsdesign in the same directory. But I can’t get it working right so is there documentation who explains the use of multiple documents or some of you who can explain how todo that?

Thanks in advance.

W Hoefsloot

You can create multiple pages within a single bsdesign file (docs). Can you try if it works for your use case?

I have seen that I can make multiple html files in the program but why do I get the name untitled.html and when i choose new page it’s called untitled-1.html I can’t rename the files it’s grayed out or do I something wrong? A good documentation about use of multiple documents use shall be a good one
Maybe you have some good tips?

Doesn’t this work?

Thanks for your help that was where I was looking for :slight_smile:
so you’re member of the development team of BSS? Are you in the USA located? I am from the netherlands. And I like BSS very much it’s awesome, it fills exactly the needs where I was looking for for years. :smile: