Looking to change webpage title?

So I am creating multiple pages and I am wondering how to change the title of the page? the first title is correct but then the rest of the pages I would like to try and have different.

Just change it lol? where's ur problem, sorry?

i dont know exactly where to change it in bootstrap sorry, the html block is locked so i cant change it

@-Brennan I don't wanna sound like an asshole, but you all should learn basic or atleast look around in the software what does what before coming to the forum with basics, but that's what this forum was created/made for... so you're fine. My point is it wouldn't take you much time to find it. Anyways below i put screenshots where you can find more infos/settings for your "problem". Anyways, if you will have more problems just hit me up i will defo help yaa :)

enter image description here

Read it and check in BSS Huh

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To change the page title or description simply go to the lower right of the screen where design tab is, expand the Pages section, right-click on the page you want to adjust and choose "properties" from the menu. There you will see the fields where you can type in your page title and description. There's no need to add it as HTML to the head section.