Lost Bootstrap Studio file


I lost my Bootstrap Studio *.bsdesign file. It's mysteriously gone. I've tried every recovery app there is, but no luck. I guess my Macbook ate it ;)

How do I import my existing web page so I can edit and update? I can drag and drop files, but then they are in custom code mode.


backups are enabled by default on the last few versions. So you should have at least 5 versions of it

enter image description here

Where are they stored? The whole folder with the file and all assets are missing. All assets are downladed from the ftp, so now I only need the bs file.

The project files should be whereever you set the app to save them to. The assets you're downloading from FTP have absolutely nothing to do with the project file unless someone is uploading them as well. Either way, you have settings in the app that tell the app where to save your projects. It will not save at all (manually, not sure about the autosave) if you don't specify a location for that. Open your projects Export settings and see what the location is for your project.

Thank you, but unfortunately those 5 backups where from two other different projects.

Do you not save your project as you're working? That's like total common sense these days, you never work on things on a computer without saving them periodically. Ctrl+S is your best friend when you're working in most any apps these days. Learn it, get used to using that combo and you won't end up in this position anymore.

Anyway, if you worked on the project, it was saved somewhere, at the very least when you closed it. Simple as that. You can't close it without saving it (unless you told it not to that is) so if you worked on it, it had to be saved somewhere that doesn't have anything to do with the auto backups.

Here's a way to find out where it's saving your project files if you don't know.

Open a new project, do a couple things in it so there's something changed. At the top click the File menu and Save As ...

Now look and see if you can figure out where it is that location is that it just opened in the save window. There are lots of clues there that should help you find them. If you still can't find them do a computer search for .bsdesign and that should find them for you as well. They almost have to be there if you've worked on them. If you haven't then you need to get the project file from the person who did.