Lost data from project file.

I had opend several projects in the application. After a power failure and a hard computer reset, data from project files was lost. When I try to open this file app show message: enter image description here

Backups are empty too. Is it possible restore it. Or import html files not as custom code.

What does "backups are empty too" mean? How many backups do you have? Have you tried opening all of them? It seems unlikely that a power failure would corrupt multiple .bsdesign files unless your hard drive suffered some damage.

Have you saved your own backups as well? You should always do that periodically to make sure you have your projects safe and sound. I tend to save each project with a new number at the start of any updates. This way I can always go back to the old one if something messes up (not that it does, but that little safety net is just nice!). That gives you a new backup every time you do updates to a project (or each day, I don't do it all day long lol, just on the day I update).

Anyways, I do doubt that all of your backups are also affected, that's just not possible. Find the location that the app puts the backups, I'm sure there are some there that will work for you. If not, well, start making them yourself and contact support directly as they are pretty much the only ones that might be able to help with corrupt files

Backups are not to be confused with local snapshots of an older design. Backups are supposed to be saved in a different place than just a local hard disk. Multiple copies are to be saved, and not all local. Nowadays remote storage (AWS S3 etc) is really cheap so that cost is not an excuse. Nor it is laziness or incompetence.

If you're pro creating websites for your customers that's quite an embarrassing incident. ("sorry, I had a power failure and I keep no backups of my job"). If you're a hobbyist designing your own website this is a lesson: asking a pro is often cheaper and gives you much better results. Buying a software license doesn't make you a pro.

I also lost my script data several times at random, when opened and editing the script externally via Notepad++ This is very annoying, but I was very lucky with the automatically backup feature of Bootstrap Studio in the background.