Make Custom Code blocks not writable when it's page isn't open.

This isn't an immediate need, just an idea that has been bugging me periodically.

Every so often I open a page and add/edit a Custom Code block, then I change pages and forget that the custom code block that's open doesn't belong to that now open page and I edit it ... ya hairbrained I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that does that.

What about making Custom Code blocks that belong to another page "not" editable? Only readable and copyable? That would fix it for sure! This way we can still have it open to copy code from one page to another, yet not be able to overwrite anything accidentally. Maybe a Check box that locks writability it as needed? This way we "could" edit it should we choose to, such as if a Custom Code block was part of a Linked Component system.

Just another bump with another idea on it.

What if any supporting files that are opened, were closed when you changed pages. That would fix it all perfectly and is what many other editors do as well.

Also, in case you’re wondering why I’m finding all these old things, I’m trying to find an old post lol. So yeah, there’s that lol.

Closed or “grayed out.” Either would work.

Closing Custom Code editors belonging to other pages would be annoying, and making them read only could break someone’s workflow, but a visual indication would work. We’ll add this in one of our next releases.

Hmm ok, I’m not sure what would be annoying with closing something I closed the page for already unless I’m missing something here. The Custom Code blocks don’t work from page to page right? If I have one on a page, it’s just for that page right? I guess the question is more, do they change to the new page’s Custom Code Block if there is one? If not then why would closing that be annoying and why would it make them read only?

I’m soooo confusseddddd! LOL (omg I need to go back to bed I think) lol

Also what type of visual indication are you talking about?