Make file extensions editable in asp or php besides html

If the file extension can be edited in asp or php in addition to html, it will be convenient to develop web directly in bootstrap studio. because With bootstrap studio, you can use the open in feature to externally edit with visual studio code, so you can start web development right away.

PHP or ASP wont be supported natively as the developers have said this countless time, due to the fact that this is for editing in Boostrap which is HTML.

There is a work around that can be handled via a script during export (you can search for that), but if you need to edit PHP or ASP then it will have to be done externally

I know what you said. It will not be an unreasonable demand. This means that you can only change the extension when creating a page in the design area or renaming an html file.

Have you ever ... possible?

If you can only change the file extension The rest is up to our developers.

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