Make Navbar Dropdowns capable of being "disabled"

Nav Items in the Navbar can be disabled, and the Nav Items in a Dropdown can be disabled, but the Dropdown item itself in the Navbar lacks this option.

I think it would be good addition/time-saver to be able to set both the Dropdown to disabled, as well as the individual Nav Item within it. I would use this mainly for development purposes, when showing clients websites that are not completely functional. I’ve attached an image of how I envision it.


you can disabled a dropdown like this

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Thanks for that useful tip Kuli. It’s a good workaround (how do you always think of these things???)

I’d still like to see a toggle added for UI consistency, but this is essentially the same thing.

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I did not think of it, it was you who brought it up.
I just showed you how you can do it. :crazy_face:

I meant, you have the uncanny ability to see/think of alternative solutions aside from the presented or most obvious ones.