Making Hero's Responsive

Hello, I am currently developing a site for a substance abuse healthcare center. This is the first website that I’ve built with this program. But I can’t seem to get my hero’s to line up on mobile. Can anybody help? This is my first major contract and I need to get this right. The site is live, and the URL is

Thank you for your time!

Welcome to the forums! Although I don’t have an answer for you as I’m unable to check on my phone right now, I can tell you that the link on your Contact page top menu to Payment Info is broken. I’m not sure why you didn’t utilize the Linked Components setup for this, but either way, that link is broken.

I really would never have suggested doing a major contract’s production site utilizing any web design app for the first time. Just my take on it. There are probably a lot of little things you will learn along the way that may be too cumbersome to go back and fix later. Always better to get a good idea of how a software works, all the little tips and tricks and tools etc. before going full force into a major site.

Having said that, I wish you well and great luck with your new venture and hope you enjoy BSS as much as many of it’s users have.

Make sure all of your images are set to be “responsive” and that you have your content nested in rows and columns and your mobile view should be fine

Using F12 developer tools, I see that the image of the bookcase appears to have fixed pixel dimensions
style="height: 1300px; width: 740px;
set via an inline style. This is probably preventing the image from resizing on smaller screens, which is why your mobile view is messed up.

Try to avoid using inline styles in your websites.

(PS: as this question pertains to a CSS coding error, and not the actual use of the Bootstrap Studio Software, it should be in the WebDesign Help category.)

Ahh, thank you so much for your help!

I missed that on a few things, thank you so much!

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Thank you for your reply. The link is working fine on my browser… I’m not too sure why it would be doing that.