Making team cards clickeble

I have been playing a a little around trying to make the cards in the Team Boxed component, clickable using, but i have so far not managed to do it. i want the card to link to a personal about page about every team member. has anyone tried doing this, and is it possible to do without custom components?

I haven't tested this at all, but after playing around it conforms like any other item you want to make a link with, such as images. What you need to do is drag a Link component into the main Div of the Team Box element so it's at the same level as the rest of the contents. Now drag everything from the Image down to but NOT including the Div that contains the Social buttons, into the Link component that you just dragged in. Now set a URL on that link and now everything from the photo down to and including the paragraph will be clickable and open whatever page you set that link to.

Just be sure not to include the Social buttons div, otherwise those won't work correctly. What you should see in your Overview tree is the following:

Block ---Container ------Div (intro) ------Row (people) ---------Column ------------Div (this is the main div of the Contents of each box) ---------------Link (this is the link you dragged in) -------------------Image ------------------Heading ------------------Paragraph ------------------Paragraph ---------------Div (this is the Social Buttons Div)

Note that what you drag into the Link are the Image, the Heading and the 2 paragraphs. The rest stays as it was. Do that for each of your Team boxes and you'll have links for them all then. Good Luck!

Worked like a charm, thank you very much!

You're quite welcome, that was an easy fix! lol