Making the studio controls bigger


I've been using Bootstrap Studio for a short while now, and I like the experience, but when I went to show it to my partner, she complained that the controls around the outside of the work area are all quite small. Is there an easy way to scale those panes up with a larger font, or a more contrasty background?


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The forums don't play well with being zoomed in either. They don't change the word wrapping based on the zoom level nor do they add left/ right scroll bars when the zoom level causes text to run off the right edge of the screen.


Thank you for these suggestions! Right now the app doesn't work well with high dpi displays. We will make the interface scaleable with configurable font sizes. I hope we can work on this soon. The forum also needs some work, but the application has higher priority.

Was this issue ever resolved? I was just introduced to the fabulous tool but the font on the sides should be adjustable, we don't have "20-somethings" eye sight. After about an hour I need to put this on a jumbo-tron to keep from getting a headache. I really want to keep using this tool but when I'm on my laptop it's almost easier to style manually and with snippets.

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