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Hi, How can you add a map to bootstrap studio? API Key? is it possible to have many links on the one map? regards Simon

There's a built in Component for that already, look through the UI or the components and see what is there. You may need a Google key of some sort for it, not sure on that, can't remember how I set it up at the moment.

Thanks, Have an API KEY but not sure how to get it up and running, where to put the code..

Drag in map component > select map compIntent he in HTML overviews (tree) > then look in the options screen on right hand side and paste In api key

Create a new design, in the Components Pane on the left search for "map". Drag the found component into the design pane. A gray area with "The Google Maps API server rejected you request....." print will appear. On the left-bottom area there's a 'overview' pane, with HTML / Body / Map. Same on the top-right options panel, there a re 3 selectors [HTML] [BODY] [MAP]. Just select 'map'. On the options pane there a three symbols, to edit "look and Feel", "Options" and "Animation"..

Click Map, then click the second symbol, "options" and in the right panel "Map Options" will appear, where you can choose address, create an api key etc.

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Thank you so much i shall give that a go.

If you have issues getting the options to show up, click the Map in the Overview tree as sometimes it likes to only click the container it's in rather than the Map itself when you try to click the visual map. Have fun! :)

One question: does Bootstrap Studio actually render the map in the editor or does it only display the Error message ?

Because I have verified my Google maps configuration and all seems to be working right but Bootstrap studio keeps displaying an error message. But maybe it simply does not support rendering the map?

For the record, Google has 3 different API endpoints: "static API", "javascript api" and "embed api", I got mislead and struggled by using the "static api" and the "javascript api" but Bootstrap studio is actually using the "embed api"... That is the one you must enable in your Google configuration and I have not seen this instruction neither in the Bootstrap "create api key" feature nor in the bootstrap documentation.

Hey all, this may be a simple fix, but I just cant seem to find it. Is there a way to display the direction as a walking route? My maps are showing the driving directions. It would be great if I could show both for different purposes, is this possible?