Mark Favorites for downloaded components

This is a visual only request, no functional Favorites list is needed, and in fact I wouldn't use it anyways.

I organize everything, yeah I'm one of those lol. I have a lot of downloaded components in BSS for both BSS 3 and 4 (mostly 4 since most of my sites have been redone, but a few stragglers yet in 3). I have created a lot of folders to organize them so I can find what I need more easily, but I'm getting quite a list in some of those folders and I cannot always remember which ones I liked better. Would be great if we could mark them with either a color, an icon, or whatever works easier for you so that we can more easily see which ones we liked a lot.

As I said, it doesn't have to function other than to allow us to add something to visually show we have a favorite(s) in that folder. I can't recall anything I use a Favorites List in and it would defeat the purpose of the organization unless you were to add that location into it somehow. To me that would be more work than needed. Just a visual that sets a component apart from others is good for me.

Would be nice if this were not just limited to the downloaded items, but also the default UI items.

Preferably no limit on how many in a location (in other words, please don't limit us to our top 3 items in a folder)

That's it I guess, I can't think of anything else on this.